Progesterone Deficiency: What is it and how can I fix it?

Low progesterone is a common diagnosis for women with PMS symptoms and low fertility. It can show up as a short menstrual cycle, meaning less than 26 days, irritability, spotting before your period, acne flare ups, fatigue, low sex drive, and anxiety. All which add up to a whole lot of no fun at all.

A reasonable question to ask in such a case is, “What can I do to boost my progesterone?” While there are some herb and supplements you can take to support progesterone production, it’s not that simple…

What's Up With Cervical Fluid?

You probably didn't learn very much about your cervical fluid growing up. You may even be living with the fear that your cervical fluid is gross or abnormal. That it's some sort of disgusting discharge that needs to be remedied. Rest assured, that is not the case. Your cervical fluid is a natural and functional part of your monthly cycle and plays a vital role in fertility.

Kids get Acupuncture?!?

Sticking your kid with needles is probably not the first thing you think of when she or he isn’t feeling well. But acupuncture is a gentle, effective treatment for your child, with no dangerous side effects

In my practice I see kids for many common conditions that have likely run their course through your house.

Things like the common cold and coughs can effectively be treated with herbal medicine tinctures and acupuncture or non-needle techniques, especially if caught early.

How To: Do A Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs are an easy, inexpensive, and relaxing way to help your body detoxify. Castor oil increases circulation, improves detoxification, and reduces inflammation.

These properties can be used to support liver detoxification by increasing blood circulation through the liver. Your liver is the organ that cleans out all the metabolic wastes from your blood, essentially taking all the used up and broken down hormones, food wastes, and environmental toxins out of circulation for elimination like a giant, squishy Brita filter.