Surviving Flu Season in San Diego

Surviving Flu Season in San Diego

Autumn in San Diego means Cold and Flu Season is upon us.

It's that time again. The time of year when the weather here in San Diego changes slightly from nice all the time to occasionally cold and somewhat damp... and then gets really hot again, but only during the day.

The time of year when we close up our windows and lock ourselves inside with all the germs that our friends, family, and especially any school-aged kids you may know and love bring home from the four corners of the county.

The time of year when we stuff our schedules like a Thanksgiving turkey trying to fit in all the parties, festivities, and sweet treats we can manage. Because, Holidays!

It’s basically the perfect storm of our bodies being jerked around by wildly fluctuating weather, exhausted from too much fun and too many obligations, and an increased amount of time stuck in doors with germs.

Sooner or later somethings gonna give, and it’s likely to come in the form of congestion, body aches, and a couple days in bed.

I personally have an arsenal of herbal remedies on hand to drive out the evils when they come sniffling around my family.

My husband, my mom, and my littlest kid are pretty on board with drinking whatever tincture or concoction I throw at them when they rattle off the ways they are feeling unwell.

Other people I know prefer to suffer through their symptoms with no herbal intervention.

My dad is a recent convert. He's always been a little (a lot) skeptical of my herbal concoctions and for years declined my offerings of weirdly named, funny smelling herbal formulas.

Then this past winter he got a cough that would not quit. It went on for weeks. 

Until finally, FINALLY!, he decided to try my voodoo magic. And guess what! His cough got better. Weird, I know. Like, what is this sorcery?

Only thousands of years of time tested and clinically proven herbal medicine.

The next time he got sick I sent him over another appropriate formula.

My dad reported, at the end of it all, that he felt like he didn't get as sick as he usually does and he got better faster.

Almost like magic, but instead of magic it's chemistry and biology. Now, he's a true believer.

Moral of the story is this: If you've been on the fence about trying Chinese Herbs because they have funny names and taste a little bit like twigs and leaves, cold & flu season is the perfect time to try them out.

If you'd like to avoid getting sick altogether and you'd like something that even tastes pretty good, I recommend Dao Herbs Immunity Support packets.

They have a nice flavor and they come in individual serving packets that dissolve easily in cold or warm water - like an Emergen-C, but more effective. This is one of the formulas that helped convert my Dad when he took it to the Joshua Tree Music Festival and didn't get sick.

For kids I recommend Planetary Herbals Kids' Immune Protect and Well Child, both of which are available through my online pharmacy.

If you're a current patient, you can set up a virtual consult if you’re too sick to come in and we can arrange a pick up at the office, or I can prescribe them to you from my online pharmacy.

If you haven't been in to see me yet - or in a really long time - we'll need to do an in-clinic herbal consult before I can prescribe.

Check out this blog for some of my best preventative herbal strategies to use at home, including simple herbal teas you probably already have in your kitchen, and the best essential oils to diffuse to kill all the germs before they make you sick.

Seriously, do yourself, your family, and your coworkers a favor and get better sooner - or don't get sick at all - with the magic, ahem - science, of Chinese herbs.

Missing out on work or life because you or your kid is home sick is no fun for any one. 

Stay well, San Diego. Stay well.

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