Period Chat

Where It's Always That Time of the Month

 Grab a cuppa tea and join me for  Period Chat !

Grab a cuppa tea and join me for Period Chat!


Tuesday, May 15 7:30pm

This Month's Topic: Period 101 - Everything You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

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A Monthly Meet Up for Women Who Want a Better Period

Want to improve your relationship with Aunt Flo? Have questions about why she's such a pain in the tookus (always showing up unannounced and over-staying her welcome)? 

I got you! 

Come together with a supportive group of  women to chat about all the things we're not supposed to talk about in polite company. 

Periods. Cramps. Cervical fluid. Sex. Nothing is taboo! I love talking periods and helping you better understand why your body does the things it does. 

I'll also share with you some easy strategies for dealing with your most annoying period symptoms and fixing your period for good. So you can feel like yourself all month long.


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