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Scheduling Questions and Answers

What's the best way to schedule/reschedule?

The best way to schedule or change your appointment is through the online scheduling portal. 

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment more than a day in advance you can follow the link in your confirmation email or email me directly at If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice please email or call me as soon as possible. While life is unpredictable and things can happen at a moments notice, I reserve the right to charge the full service rate for late notice cancellations and no-shows. Habitually cancelling at the last minute may result in the need to prepay for all services. 

Should I cancel My appointment if I'm Sick?

That depends. If you are coming down with a cold or cough I suggest you keep your appointment or at least stop in for an herbal consultation and prescription. When herbs are taken at the very beginning of a cold or flu you will often get better pretty quickly. If you are so sick that you can't get out of bed or leave the bathroom... then by all means, yes, please reschedule. I'll help you get back to 100% when you’re ready to leave the house again.

Do I Need to fill out any paperwork?

Yes. In order to give you the best care possible I need to know all the nitty gritty details about your health history and how your body is working right now. This includes information that may seem unrelated to whatever it is you want to work on, but surprise! Everything is connected. So knowing about your digestion and sleep when all you want is for your period cramps to go away helps me do my job better and get you feeling awesome faster. 

After scheduling your first appointment you will get a confirmation email with links to fill out your intake forms online. If you would prefer to fill out the forms in my office, either digitally or on paper, please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Treatment Rates & Packages

New Patient Package

$297/3 Treatments (10% savings); ($189 for kids) — Acupuncture is a cumulative therapy, that means you have to stick with it if you want to see results. It's like going to the gym. Once isn't going to cut it. I find that when you commit to 3 treatments within the first  7-10 days of your treatment plan, we can accelerate your healing and establish a strong foundation to build on.

First Time Patient

$150/90 minutes for adults; $90/60 minutes for kids — Getting to know all about you. Your first appointment includes an in-depth review of your health history, an assessment of where you are currently, and an overview of where you want to be and how I'll help you get there. You'll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to make significant and lasting improvements to your health. 

Returning Patient

$90/60 minutes for adults; $60/30 minutes for kids — Building the foundation and staying the course. Follow up treatments focus on your main goals, with each treatment building on the previous. Initially your follow up treatments will be spaced as close together as possible. This is the most effective way to see immediate change and make sure it sticks. As your symptoms improve we will begin to space your treatments out until you meet your goal, transition to maintenance care, or a new goal is established.

V-Steam/Peristeam Hydrotherapy - 

Varies — V-Steaming is used to treat a variety of period and reproductive conditions. Click here for more information. V-Steams are only scheduled via phone or email.

Treatment Packages - 

$450/6 treatments (~15% savings)  — Buy 5 treatments and receive one on me!* That's 6 treatments for the price of 5 and the perfect package to establish a solid foundation or resolve may acute issues.

$1080/15 treatments (20% savings) — Buy 12 treatments and receive 3 on me!* That's right 3 free treatments and a commitment to yourself to make a meaningful change.

$1800/26 treatments (~25% savings) — Buy 20 treatments and receive 6 on me!* My most affordable rate per treatment at ~$69 per treatment, a savings of almost 25%.

* If for any reason you choose not to complete your treatment package, I will gladly refund you the remaining balance of your package price minus the full rate of any treatments received, i.e. each treatment is still $90 until you get to your free treatments.